Comprehensive Car Insurance

It is a requirement by Finance Companies to have a Comprehensive Car Insurance on your new car before funding is made. We can arrange your insurance thru one of the largest insurance companies in New Zealand, whom are also providers to 3 of the major New Zealand Banks. You will be covered for accidents, theft, fire, vandalism and storm damage, plus Third Party cover in case you damage someone else’s vehicle or property.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance insures against vast and extensive mechanical and electrical faults and breakdowns with your vehicle. Buying either new or used from a dealer or through a private purchase we have your Mechanical Breakdown Insurance covered. Just relax, and let your Workshop and the Insurance company sort out the rest.

Loan Protection Insurance

Insures against events of redundancy, illness, accident and other unforeseen circumstances that affect your ability to earn. We have your repayments and credit rating covered.

GAP – Guaranteed Asset Protection

Provides cover in the event of a total loss. In this event your insurer will usually pay the market value of the car, however in many cases the payout amount may not be enough to cover the total loan amount owing. GAP cover will protect you from paying off a car loan for a car that you no longer have.